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Coaching Institutes: Dream Selling Agencies

There has been an increasing trend of coaching institutes within the last decade. It has resulted in a tremendous increase in competition. However, the number of suicide cases has also increased, as initially, these institutes show great dreams, but later they fail to fulfill them. They have thousands of students, so one of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of personal attention. They treat all students equally, whether they are brilliant or weak, which makes it difficult for weaker students to understand, as they need complete coaching starting from the basics.

So, it's time for parents to look after their children and understand their duty.

Basic needs of students:

  1. Books: NCERT is sufficient. One could score high enough if they just focus on NCERT.

  2. Parents: Homesickness is the biggest problem faced by students living in hostels.

  3. Good tutor: It is not necessary that a professional tutor is always a good tutor. An elder brother/sister or parents are the best teachers as they teach from the heart without thinking of profit and loss.

  4. Optimal conditions: Normal temperature, disease-free, without family problems.

Now, the question is: If coaching institutes are a waste of time and money, then what to do? How do coaching institutes have top rank selections?

The answer to all these questions lies in the fact that coaching institutes have lakhs of students in all their branches in India. Their selection rate is <1%. Also, there has been an increasing trend of buying results.

All the best students join these institutes, so definitely top rankers will come from there. But the institutes don't have any role in that; it is just because of the hard work of students.

What to do??..!! Join a test series: It will keep you updated about the exam pattern as well as your ranking in India. It will also help you to identify your weak and strong points.

Q: Which test series to join? A.) NCERT-based (e.g., AIATS)


  • Make short notes

  • Develop your own short tricks to learn

  • Revise daily

  • Always do homework on time

  • Practice questions daily

Disclaimer: I don't criticize any institute.

I wrote this blog when I was in Kota, Rajasthan , Preparing for NEET UG. I started a project AIPMTGURU at that time.

Published in 2015.

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